LivsmedelsFöreningen och Livsmedel i fokus

Hallå där, Ralf Mack!

Ralf Mack är Business Development Manager, ÅR Packaging Group och en av talarna på Livsmedelsförpackningar i fokus 27 april.

Hallå där, Ralf Mack!

What are you going to talk about?
-I will present the main- universal attributes of packaging and compare them to local specifics.

How come this subject is relevant right now?
-Europe is an export region, in physical products and design- understand what works where is essential.

What do you think about today's food packaging?
-It becomes more and more interchangeable, the Icons disappear.

How can a conference contribute to better packaging?
-It can start new thinking processes.

What would you like most of all right now?
-A cup of coffee…

"Livsmedelsförpackningar i fokus" arrangeras den 27 april på Courtyard by Marriott Hotell i Stockholm. 

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